Speeding in the Village


Speeding through our villages continues to be a problem and this article hopes to keep everyone informed on the initiatives that are taking place, many in conjunction with nearby Sywell Parish Council.

OPC has been busy gathering evidence. Implications of traffic increases and the new developments on traffic through Overstone have been monitored along with speeds.

  • A traffic survey was completed by the Safer Roads Team of Northants Police in Feb '20.
  • A Tracsis traffic survey was paid for and completed in mid March '20.
  • The Community Speed watch, a joint initiative with Sywell Parish Council, was also due to take place this Spring but has been halted by the pandemic. This will be resumed when the Police give the go ahead that is safe to complete the training.

Engineering options:- The first traffic calming chicane was planned for Overstone back in 2017 at a cost of over £30k and has been designed, planned and approved by Northamptonshire Highways Dep't. The financial straits of NCC in 2018 put a stop to the chicane going ahead just 2 weeks before work was due to be started. Currently OPC is waiting on Developer funding being released from NCC. Occupation of the 100th house on the new Overstone Leys development will trigger access to the funds. Presently 94 houses are occupied. Again the pandemic has slowed progress longer than was hoped for.

Earlier in the year OPC were in consultation with NCC who have surveyed the road through Overstone to assess what additional traffic calming measures could be put in place. This may include the possibility of a 2nd chicane, nothing is being discounted. All options are being considered, including the viability of installing speed cameras through the village, together with the financial commitment needed and any possible funding streams.

For more in depth information on the above do take a look at the Overstone Parish Council Minutes published regularly on the website www.overstone-pc.gov.uk and displayed on the Parish Council noticeboards.

During lockdown it has been 'business as usual' for OPC with monthly meetings being held virtually via Zoom. The public are of course still invited, so free to attend or forward any questions to the Parish Clerk at clerk@overstone-pc.gov.uk

Posted: Wed, 03 Jun 2020 08:51 by Parish Office

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