Overstone Neighbourhood Plan

The Overstone Neighbourhood Plan is being developed to enable us to influence the future shape and appearance of Overstone. It is anticipated that the plan, put together through collaboration with the residents of Overstone, the Parish Council, Daventry District Council (DDC), Local Businesses, Community Groups and other interested parties will be accepted into the Daventry District Settlements and Countryside (Part 2) Local Plan. This means that although we won't be able to stop all future developments in Overstone, we will be given an early opportunity to appraise and or contest them as necessary.

If you would like to be involved with this work by joining the ONDP Steering Group or require any further information on how you can contribute, please email Overstonendp@gmail.com with your details.

After an initial 5 week public consultation period (to include an open day at Overstone Village Hall) a draft copy of the plan will be made available for public viewing.

Draft Vs 6.4 of the Neighbourhood Development Plan has now been published below. should you have any queries or comments please email Overstonendp@gmail.com with your suggestions.

25/08/19 - A Neighbourhood Plan leaflet providing a brief summary of the Plan and details regarding the questionnaire has been delivered to households in the Parish.

14/09/19 - An open day has been arranged for Saturday 14th September 10.00am, in the Village Hall. You can learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan process, speak to members of the Steering Committee and give your views and ideas on the future of the village.

15/02/2020 - A Neighbourhood Plan leaflet providing an update on the progress of the plan to date has been delivered to all Households within Overstone. A notification was also included, stating the Formal Public Consultation Stage of the plan will commence in March 2020. A deadline of 28th February 2020 was announced for any further ideas or suggestions to be included in the plan.