Developing a Moulton & Surrounding Areas Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Moulton Parish Council and Moulton Surgery are working together to develop a Health and Wellbeing Strategy that includes our area. The Health & Wellbeing Strategy has four priorities that they aim to build on at our local level. This is a really exciting project and the first one in the County:

• Giving every child the best start

• Taking responsibility and making informed choices

• Promoting independence and quality of life for older adults

• Creating an environment for all people to flourish

Using the four priorities they shall be concentrating on ensuring our health and community facilities support these priorities and identify areas in which we can improve. The strategy was launched Saturday, 21st May at Moulton Village Festival.

Many volunteering opportunities will be created by the strategy and we look forward to discussing these with you.

An event is happening on 10th June, supporting National Carer's Week, at Moulton Football Club from 12pm - 3pm. Various organisations will be on hand to offer support and advice to carers and their families.

Please click on the following documents, which enhance this strategy.

For further details, please visit the Health & Wellbeing page on Moulton Surgery's website (see link below).